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COD Mobile Redeem Codes (July 2023): Operators, Camos, More

Here is the list of all the latest working Call of Duty: Mobile redeem codes to get free rewards like operators, camos, blueprints, and more.
COD Mobile Redeem Codes (July 2023): Operators, Camos, More

The latest Call of Duty Mobile codes are available, which you can redeem to unlock free items, including operators, weapon blueprints, calling cards, and many more!

COD Mobile has taken the world of mobile gaming by storm over the last year and a half. The mobile version of one of the most popular FPS franchises has been downloaded over 300 million times by players all around the world.

The game is free-to-play; however, if that's not enough for you, Activision and TiMi Studios are making sure that there are always some additional free rewards for all players: a new set of COD mobile redeem codes is made available every month.

Made available online across multiple channels, these codes are account specific and expire after a while. To help you keep track of the updates, we've created this page specifically: Don't hesitate to bookmark it!

Here's the updated list and how to redeem Call of Duty: Mobile codes.

11 July Update - We've checked for the latest 'Call of Duty Mobile Codes'. All the most recent and active codes can be found just below.

All Working Call of Duty Mobile Codes (2023)

COD Mobile Latest Redeem Codes.
COD Mobile Latest Redeem Codes. (Picture: Activision)

Here is the list of all currently available CODM redeem codes. Make sure to activate these codes as soon as possible, as they are not permanent and can expire anytime.

  • CHV0ZBZ86T

All Expired COD Mobile Codes

Below is a list of Call of Duty Mobile codes that have expired. Somewhat surprisingly, some players Google 'How do I use expired CODM codes?' but sorry, once they've expired, they can no longer be used.

How to redeem COD Mobile codes
(Picture: Activision)

For the sake of prosperity, below is the list of all expired CoD Mobile codes that are no longer available for redemption.

Call of Duty Mobile Codes That Don't Work Anymore -
  • CODMA473366440
  • CODMB846206751
  • CODMC753629219

How To Redeem Codes For Call of Duty Mobile?

COD Mobile codes for free rewards can not be activated in-game, only via Call of Duty: Mobile Redemption Center.

In order to redeem COD Mobile codes and claim your free rewards, you should follow these steps.

  1. Open Call of Duty: Mobile
  2. Find your UID in the Player Profile, just below the avatar icon
  3. Copy your user ID and close the game
  4. Visit the Call of Duty Mobile Redemption Center
  5. Paste your UID
  6. Enter the code you want to redeem
  7. Enter the captcha and click submit

And that's it; the rewards are now yours! Once you redeem a code, the rewards earned from that code will automatically be added to your account and will be in your inventory the next time you open the game.