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Escape from Tarkov Factory Map: Extraction Points, Best Loot Spots, Boss Guide

Escape from Tarkov's Factory map offers huge rewards and excellent battles, as long as you know how to extract.
Escape from Tarkov Factory Map: Extraction Points, Best Loot Spots, Boss Guide

Escape from Tarkov’s Factory has a special place in every player’s heart, bringing us back to where it all started for most of us. Factory offers a small, gloomy, yet a diverse PVE experience within a space that feels comparable in size to a Call of Duty map. Don’t let its size fool you though, Factory offers wealth, intense PVP, iconic quests, and great loot that every player can access.

Most players, of course, overlook Factory as a map and continue onto what they perceive as better spaces, like Streets of Tarkov or another fan favourite, Customs. But Factory is the best place to transcend from rags to riches due to the turnaround time of raids, you can complete a task, kill four players, and a scav boss, obtain epic loot and extract in a matter of three minutes. 

Within this guide, we’re going to show you how to really play Factory. Teaching you the best loot locations, keys, killing the scav boss, appropriate weapons and how to operate around the map in general. Often this map can be unforgiving, allowing players with the Altyn bullet proof helmet, flashlight and MP9 to demolish the entire server, but no more! 


The Best Loot Locations On Factory Map

Factory is great for its locations, having players get from point A to B within a series of seconds, amplifying the combat, intensity, and finally, the reward. Now, the best loot locations in Factory are going to receive a lot of traffic, but if you get there fast you can throw everything in your container and then hold the fort and reign death upon the server.

The following locations obtain the best loot:

  • Top floor of offices – contains safe, two coats, two filing cabinets – BTC/GP/GPU/Vase/Lion/SVDs, RSASS, AS VAL Spawns
  • Locker room (second-floor office) – Items spawn within lockers – West 306 Key/pumping station key/car battery/helmet spawn
  • Expansion area medical tent/underground – rare medical spawns, weapon crate, fuel conditioner, grenade crate

The loot within these areas will vary depending on the raid, as you’re aware, spawn chances are different and each raid will supply you with different loot items. But each raid will most definitely supply you with over 200k roubles if you loot each location thoroughly, even if the game presents you with awful loot. On the contrary, you can make quite the turnaround on Factory if lucky, receiving Bitcoins, high-value weapons and other priceless miscellaneous items.

Players who are experienced in the art of Tarkov are already fully aware of these spawn locations and will strike you down with an act of great vengeance and bountiful fury, therefore you’re going to have to be quick on your feet and fast on the trigger. Despite the negative connotation, players rushing you is beneficial because they are just after the loot, they are often easy to gun down and catch off-guard.


Factory Scav Boss - How To Defeat Tagilla

Coming in at a whopping seven feet high, 300 pounds of pure muscle, a semi-automatic shotgun and a sledgehammer worthy of defeating Goliath, please welcome Factory’s scav boss, Tagilla. And to answer the common question, no – Tagilla is not friendly, would you approach him in real life? Fortunately, Tagilla only has a 24% spawn chance on both night and day raids, meaning you shouldn’t run into him a whole bunch.

Behold, by far the scariest scav boss in the entirety of Escape from Tarkov, the one known to run at you faster than an Olympic sprinter wielding a literal sledgehammer. Tagilla is known to spawn within the underground location of the Factory expansion, yet he remains there for a very minimal time. Like scav boss Killa, Tagilla is known for chasing nearby enemies and smiting them with his semi-automatic shotgun or his sledgehammer.

To top it all off, Tagilla is wearing an Altyn equivalent facemask and a level six plate carrier. Considering the daunting news, all this can be yours if you defeat the fella and believe me, it’s far easier than it may appear. All that you will need is a shotgun with eight slugs or 600 rounds per minute rated weapon with an extended mag – preferably forty rounds or more.

Players have found Tagilla can be easily defeated by shooting him in the bottom half of his body, avoiding his armour. The reason why you need to ensure you have a high quantity of rounds is because Tagilla is fast on his feet and you’re going to miss a lot unless he gets very close. Additionally, the legs and stomach aren’t considered vital areas meaning it’ll take longer to kill Tagilla when shooting in the leg in comparison to the torso without armour.

Despite the small map size, attempt to keep your distance when combating this individual and get as many leg shots in as possible. When he dies, check his pockets as he will most likely have some special items such as a Bitcoin, additionally, take the plate carrier! Any remaining players will establish either you or Tagilla has died due to the decrease in gunshots, meaning expect company shortly after.


Factory Map - Keys and Weapons

Factory, unlike any other map, only requires a singular key to fully utilize advantage and the key is called the Factory Emergency Exit Key. This key unlocks three additional Factory extracts, the top floor office room, the doors to the guard building of the crane yard on Customs, an extra extraction on Customs and additionally unlocks truck doors on Interchange and Shoreline. An explanation of the extracts will be featured further down the article, the Factory emergency exit key will unlock those extra extracts. 

In terms of weapons, Factory opposes quite a few limitations that beginners must understand. Factory is very small and condensed meaning sniper rifle users are typically obliterated by a P90 burst within the first few seconds of the raid. We typically want to aim for agile weaponry, small and light arms such as shorter-barrelled M4s, submachine guns, shotguns, pistols and AKs.

Weapon attachments are vital within the map, you’re going to want anything that helps stabilize your experience and help you visually. For example, holographic sight, foregrip and flashlights. Silencers are pointless due to again; the maps size and players are going to hear and know where you are regardless of a silencer. In terms of scopes, you’re going to want something with at most a 2X magnification to enable you to hit shots down longer alleyways, but typically a holographic will do the job just fine. Shotgun players, just whack a larger magazine on that bad boy and you’ll be alright.

Finally, there are going to be between 4-6 PMC players including yourself every Factory raid. You’re going to want to make note of gunshots to understand locations and weapon types to identify how many opponents you’re against. Players often rush spawns in the early seconds of the raid, especially in the forklift location, so within the first few seconds, half the server is usually back in the menus already. Regardless, stay frosty and remember to loot, listen and stay clear of Tagilla!

factory_extract5.jpeg (1

Factory Map Extraction Points

Escape from Tarkov factory extraction points are definitely the easiest exits to learn in the game.

As previously mentioned within the keys and weapon section, the Factory emergency exit key is going to gain you access to all exits within the map. If you don't withhold the Factory emergency exit key, you're going to want to exit through "GATE 3" and this will be the same every raid. 

The Factory emergency exit key extraction points are known as (follow for larger picture):

  • Cellars – underneath the forklift area, follow the stairs down by the forklift
  • Gate 0 – is located at the far end of the blue container room
  • Med Tent – located by the medical tent in the Factory expansion

Although four extracts appear like overkill for a small map, each exit acts as a contingency plan. Whether you're pinned down by suppressing fire in your spawn or being rushed by Tagilla, the developers offer players an easy exit through the additional extracts. However, if you don't obtain the key you're only able to use "GATE 3," beware as people are often lurking around waiting for people to walk into the extracts where they will meet their demise. 

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