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What Is Happy Pet Game On Roblox?

Not sure what Happy Pet Game is? Find out more about this Pet Simulator X successor right here!
What Is Happy Pet Game On Roblox?
BIG Games

What is Happy Pet Game? When does it come out, and how is it related to Pet Simulator X? These are all great questions that many Roblox players apparently want answers for. But don't worry. This guide has you covered.

Find out everything you need to know about Happy Pet Game right here, including when you might expect it to come out. Hint: It might be a lot sooner than you think! So what are you waiting for? Let's dive right in.

Update on 5 August 2023: We expect official news on Happy Pet Game to be released today, during the update schedule slot for Pet Simulator X. Edit: The developers did not announce anything but it seems that PSX is officially dead. It is a sad day.

When Does Roblox Happy Pet Game Come Out? - Release Date

To be clear, there is currently no official information about Happy Pet Game. So, everything we're about to discuss is based on leaks and rumors. That being said, we encourage you to take everything with a pinch of salt.

In short - Happy Pet Games appears to be a new standalone game being developed by BIG Games - the same Roblox development studio that brought you popular titles like the Pet Simulator series and My Restaurant.


Based on leaks, it seems like the game will follow in the footsteps of Pet Simulator X, albeit with reworked visuals. The game entered development in May 2022 and has seen multiple updates since. It is expected to launch very soon.

Speaking of which, there is no confirmed release date for Happy Pet Game, but official information is expected to be announced some time soon. We will update this page with any further developments.

How Is Happy Pet Game Related To Pet Simulator X?

It's hard to say if this is true, but it seems like Happy Pet Game will be another installment of the Pet Simulator franchise. Having already made three highly successful PSX games, it's no shock that BIG Games might choose to continue down this path. After all, if it works, why change it?

However, if this is true, it does strike us as a bit odd that they opted to move away from the "Pet Simulator" name. Nevertheless, as noted by the many leaks (courtesy of RBXG Leaks), Happy Pet Game would appear to be a carbon copy of Pet Simulator X, except it has a more cartoon look and feel.


For example, icons are more rounded, have more vibrant color palettes, and overall better quality graphics. Even pets have better aesthetics, featuring shadows and textures to make them stand out better.

All things considered, there is always a possibility that Happy Pet Game might introduce new elements that are unique to the title. But again, that remains to be seen.

How To Play Happy Pet Game On Roblox

It's not currently possible to play Happy Pet Game on Roblox. But it's clear that the game will be an entirely new experience. That being said, there's an absolute certainty that you will be able to install the game via the Roblox launcher as soon as it becomes available.

And that's about it. We weren't very explicit about the leaks in this guide because there's always a chance that test kits don't make it to the final version of the game. But, if you are interested, we would encourage you to join the RBXG Leaks Discord to see all the cool new elements headed to Happy Pet Game for yourself.

Don't want to ruin the surprise? We totally understand. In that case, please bookmark this page because we will endeavor to update it with any other major news and leaks about Happy Pet Game. Until then, happy gaming!