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How To Solve The Enclave Library Puzzle In Baldur’s Gate 3

Here's how to solve the Enclave Library puzzle in Baldur's Gate 3.
How To Solve The Enclave Library Puzzle In Baldur’s Gate 3
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Are you stuck on the Enclave Library puzzle in Baldur's Gate 3? The continent of Faeurn is full of interesting locales for you to see and explore. There are Goblin camps, which you can spot from a distance, and there are some things like the Arcane Tower, hidden in plain sight. 

These ancient architectures boast a rich history, and it's always worth exploring every nook and cranny of these places for hidden doors, secret compartments, and more. Unfortunately, some locations require more than just a lockpick to enter. The Enclave Library in the Druid's Chamber is one such interesting place with a hidden vault underneath it. Here's how you can access it. 

Enclave Library Puzzle Solution In Baldur's Gate 3

enclaved library puzzle
Get the Rune of the Wolf from Rath. (Picture: Shreyansh/LarianStudios)

Once inside the Enclave Library, look for four small podiums positioned in a circular pattern. Every podium except one has a runestone with a symbol of an animal. The one that's missing is the Rune of the Wolf. 

You can get the Rune by rescuing Halsin from the Goblin Camp. Once Halsin is back in the Emerald Grove, talk to him, and he will tell you to talk to Rath to get the reward for your troubles. You can find Rath just outside the Druid's Chamber. Talk to him to get the Rune of the Wolf. 

Alternatively, you can steal the Rune from Rath. To pickpocket anyone in Baldur's Gate 3, go near them, and press the right mouse button (hold X on Xbox and Square on PlayStation controller) and select the pickpocket option. Your best bet to pickpocket successfully is to use a character with the Charlatan passive, like the flamboyant vampire Astarion

enclaved library puzzle
Use the Rune to unlock the entrance to the hidden vault underneath the library. (Picture: Shreyansh/LarianStudios)

Once you have the Rune, head back into the Enclaved Library, and place the Rune on the empty podium. Now, interact with all four podiums quickly so that they are all glowing at the same time. Doing so will spawn a staircase leading to the hidden vault.

Sadly, there's nothing extraordinary to be found inside the vault except a rare-tier two-handed weapon called Sorrow, and an uncommon-tier Robe of Summer cloth.

That concludes our guide on how to solve the Enclaved Library puzzle in Baldur's Gate 3.