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All Diablo 4 Rogue Legendary Aspects & Powers

Here are all the Legendary Aspects and Powers that the Rogue will have at their disposal, including their locations and categories in Diablo 4.
All Diablo 4 Rogue Legendary Aspects & Powers

If you're looking for versatility and a strategic playstyle, then the Rogue class in Diablo 4 is for you. Being a fast and agile player with both melees and ranged attacks, as well as tricks up its sleeve, such as grenades and traps, the Rogue class is not to be taken lightly. 

But if you want to take this class to the next level, you'll need to use the correct Legendary Aspects and Powers to amp up its skill set and abilities. So that's exactly what we'll help you with, as we'll discuss all the Legendary Aspects and Powers of the Rogue class can use in Diablo 4, as well as how to find them and their regional locations. 

Update on 12 July 2023: We've updated this article with the latest information regarding Diablo 4 Rogue Legendary Aspects and Powers to obtain.

Diablo 4 Rogue Legendary Aspect Categories

All Diablo 4 Rogue Legendary Aspects And Powers Catgeories
Legendary Aspects can be applied from your Codex of Power and used to buff your abilities tremendously. (Picture: Blizzard)

Legendary Aspects can be imprinted on pieces of gear with the help of the Occultist NPC, who can also extract Aspects from pieces of Gear you find and store them in the Codex of Power. After this, players need to consider that each Legendary Aspect falls under one of five categories, which are:

  • Offensive
  • Defensive
  • Mobility
  • Utility
  • Resource
All Diablo 4 Rogue Legendary Aspects And Powers Categories descriptions
Here are the Aspect categories that each gear type falls under in Diablo 4. (Picture: WoWHead)

This means that adding an offensive Legendary Aspect to an item with an offensive gear slot, such as gloves, will boost its overall power. This is illustrated in the image above, which will help you keep track of which items are suited to which Legendary Aspects category. 

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Now that you know which Legendary Aspcets go best with which piece of gear, let's look at the specific Aspects that the Rogue class in Diablo 4 comes with. The table below lists all of the known Legendary Aspects and their Powers for the Rogue class in Diablo 4, including benefits for your character and where you may get them for your Codex of Power.

Aspect Name Category Aspect Power Dungeon Region
Cheat's Aspect Defensive You take 15.0% less damage from Crowd Controlled enemies. Whenever a Crowd Controlled enemy deals direct damage to you, gain +15% Movement Speed for 2 seconds. Luban's Rest Scosglen
Enshrouding Aspect Defensive Gain a Dark Shroud shadow every 3 seconds when standing still. Each Dark Shroud shadow grants a 2.0% increased Damage Reduction. Ghoa Ruins Hawezar
Aspect of Siphoned Protection Defensive Lucky Hit: Damaging a Vulnerable enemy with a Core Skill has up to a 20% chance to grant a Barrier for 5 seconds that absorbs X damage, up to a maximum of X. TBD Hawezar
Aspect of Uncanny Resilience Defensive Whenever you trigger a Lucky Hit, gain x5% increased Damage Reduction for 5 seconds, up to a maximum of x15%. TBD Scosglen
Aspect of Arrow Storms


Lucky Hit: Your Ranged Skills have up to a 10% chance to create an arrow storm at the target's present location, dealing X Physical damage over 3 seconds. You can have up to 5 active arrow storms. Howling Warren Scosglen
Blast-Trapper's Aspect Offensive Lucky Hit: Dealing direct damage to enemies affected by your Trap Skills has up to a 30% chance to make them Vulnerable for 3 seconds. TBD Fractured Peaks
Aspect of Branching Volleys Offensive Barrage's arrows have a 15% chance to split into 2 arrows whenever they ricochet. Shadowed Plunge Hawezar
Aspect of Corruption Offensive Your Imbuements Skill effects have x20% increased potency against Vulnerable enemies. TBD Kehjistan
Aspect of Encircling Blades Offensive Flurry damages enemies in a circle around you and deals x8% increased damage. Hallowed Ossuary Fractured Peaks
Opportunist's Aspect Offensive When you break Concealment, you drop a cluster of Stun Grenades around your location which explode, dealing X total Physical damage and Stunning enemies for 0.25 seconds. TBD Kehjistan
Shadowslicer Aspect Offensive When you cast Dash, a Shadow Clone is spawned at your location that also casts Dash, dealing 25% of the base damage. Twisted Hollow Scosglen
Aspect of Sleeting Imbuements Offensive Your Rain of Arrows is always affected by all Imbuements Skills at once. TBD Hawezar
Trickster's Aspect Offensive Caltrops also throw a cluster of Stun Grenades that explode and deal X total Physical damage and Stunning enemies for 0.25 seconds. Drop N/A
Aspect of Unstable Imbuements Offensive Casting a Skill that is Imbued creates an explosion around you, dealing X damage of the same type. TBD Dry Steppes
Vengeful Aspect Offensive Lucky Hit: Making an enemy Vulnerable has up to a 30% chance to grant a +3% increased Critical Strike Chance for 3 seconds, up to +9%. Inferno Kehjistan
Aspect of Volatile Blades Offensive Twisting Blades cause an explosion when they return to you, dealing X damage and X additional damage based on the distance the blades travel, up to 5 meters, and X total damage. TBD Scosglen
Aspect of Volatile Shadows Offensive When a Dark Shroud shadow would be removed it explodes, dealing X Shadow damage around you. Ancient's Lament Dry Steppes
Energizing Aspect Resource Damaging an Injured enemy with a Basic Skill generates 5 Energy. Sanguine Chapel Fractured Peaks
Ravenous Aspect Resource Killing a Vulnerable enemy grants you x50% increased Energy Regeneration for 4 seconds. Shifting City Dry Steppes
Aspect of Explosive Verve Utility Your Grenades Skills count as Trap Skills. Whenever you ready a Trap or drop Grenades, you gain a +10% increased Movement Speed for 3 seconds. Derelict Lodge Fractured Peaks
Aspect of Bursting Venoms Offensive  Lucky Hit: Critical Strikes with Poison Imbued Skills have up to an xx% chance to create a toxic pool that deals [??] Poisoning damage over xx seconds to enemies within. While standing in the pool Poison Imbuement has no Cooldown and no Charge limit. Drop N/A
Aspect of Cruel Sustenance Defensive Explosions from the Victimize Key Passive Heal you for [??] Life for each enemy damaged, up to a maximum of [??] Life. Drop N/A
Aspect of Elusive Menace Defensive While you have both bonuses from the Close Quarters Combat Key Passive active, your Dodge Chance increases by [??]%[+] whenever you're hit by a Close enemy. Successfully Dodging resets this bonus. Drop N/A
Aspect of Imitated Imbuement Offensive Your Shadow Clones also mimic the Imbuements applied to your Skills. Casting an Imbuement Skill grants your active Shadow Clonef xx%x increased damage for [??] seconds. Drop N/A
Aspect of Lethal Dusk Defensive Evading through an enemy infected by Shadow Imbuement grants Stealth for xx seconds. Breaking Stealth with an attack grants you [??]% Maximum Life on Kill for xx seconds. Drop N/A
Aspect of Noxious Ice Utility Chilled enemies Poisoned by Poison Imbuement will be further Chilled for xx% per second. You deal [??]%[x] additional Poison damage to Frozen enemies. Drop N/A
Aspect of Quickening Fog Utility  You automatically drop a Smoke Grenade at the end of Dash. Dash's Cooldown is reduced by xx seconds for each enemy Dazed this way, up to xx seconds. Drop N/A
Aspect of Siphoned Victuals Defensive  Lucky Hit: Damaging a Vulnerable enemy with a Core Skill has up to an xx% chance to drop a Healing Potion. Leviathan's Maw Hawezar
Aspect of Stolen Vigor Defensive  Each stack of the Momentum Key Passive Heals you for xx Life per second. Drop N/A
Aspect of Surprise Offensive  When you Evade or Shadow Step, you leave behind a cluster of exploding Stun Grenades that deal xx total Physical damage and Stun enemies for xx seconds. Drop N/A
Aspect of Synergy Offensive  Using an Agility Skill reduces the Cooldown of your next Subterfuge Skill by xx%. Using a Subterfuge Skill increases the damage of your next Agility Skill by xx%x. Drop N/A
Aspect of Uncanny Treachery Defensive  Dealing direct damage to a Dazed Enemy with an Agility Skill grants Stealth for xx seconds. Breaking Stealth with an attack grants you xx% Control Impaired Duration Reduction for xx seconds. TBD Scosglen
Bladedancer's Aspect Offensive  Twisting Blades orbit for a short time after they return to you, dealing xx% of Twisting Blades' return damage per hit. Based on the distance the blades returned, the orbit damage increases up to xx% of the return damage. TBD Scosglen
Blast-Trapper's Aspect Offensive  Lucky Hit: Dealing direct damage to enemies affected by your Trap Skills has up to an xx% chance to make them Vulnerable for xx seconds. Drop N/A
Escape Artist's Aspect Defensive Upon taking damage from surrounding enemies, you drop a Smoke Grenade and Dodge the next xx attacks within xx seconds. This effect can only occur once every xx seconds. Drop N/A
Frostbitten Aspect Utility  Chilled enemies hit by your Grenade Skills have a chance equal to double your Critical Strike Chance to be instantly Frozen for xx seconds. You deal xx%x increased Critical Strike Damage against Frozen enemies. Drop N/A
Icy Alchemist's Aspect Offensive  Lucky Hit: Damaging a Chilled or Frozen enemy with a Shadow Imbued Skill has up to an xx% chance to release an explosion that deals xx Cold damage to the target and surrounding enemies, Chilling them for xx%. Drop N/A
Infiltrator's Aspect Offensive  Poison Trap no longer breaks Stealth and triggers no Cooldown or arm time while you are in Stealth. All Poison Traps activate when you exit Stealth and Poison Trap's Cooldown will be xx seconds per trap placed. Drop N/A
Mangler's Aspect Utility  Lucky Hit: Dealing direct damage to a Vulnerable enemy has up to an xx% chance to Daze them for xx seconds. Drop N/A
Ravager's Aspect Mobility Shadow Step has an additional Charge. Killing an enemy with Shadow Step refunds a Charge and increases the damage of Shadow Step by xx%x for xx seconds, up to xx%x. Drop N/A

Aspect Repeating

Offensive  Rapid Fire has an xx% chance to ricochet to another target. Drop N/A
Snap Frozen Aspect Defensive  Each Chilled or Frozen enemy you Evade through grants you a Barrier that absorbs xx damage for xx seconds, absorbing up to a maximum of xx damage. Drop N/A
Toxic Alchemist's Aspect Offensive  Lucky Hit: Damaging a Poisoned enemy with a Shadow Imbued Skill has up to an xx% chance to create a toxic explosion that applies xx Poisoning damage over xx seconds to the target and surrounding enemies. Drop N/A
Trickshot Aspect Offensive  Whenever a Penetrating Shot damages an enemy, 2 additional arrows split off to either side. These side arrows deal xx% of Penetrating Shot's Base damage and do not split. Bastion of Faith Hawezar
Umbrous Aspect Defensive  Lucky Hit: Critical Strikes with Marksman Skills have up to an xx% chance to grant a free Dark Shroud shadow. Drop N/A

Note: It is unknown whether there are additional Legendary Aspects for the Rogue class to find at the time of writing—this page uses information from WoWHead. If additional information becomes available, we will update the list.

And there you have all the Legendary Aspects and POwers that will be available for the Rogue class in Diablo 4. Naturally, we will update this table as more information becomes available.


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