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Best Hades Spear Build (Varatha Spear): Aspect, Boons & Upgrades

Pick off your enemies with our guide exploring the best Aspect, Boons, and Upgrades for creating the best Varatha Spear build in Hades.
Best Hades Spear Build (Varatha Spear): Aspect, Boons & Upgrades

Various weapons take some practice to use well in Hades, and the Spear, also known as the Varatha Spear, is one of them. This weapon can serve you quite excellently in battle, but you'll need to know how to use it and, of course, have the right build for it. 

And that's where this guide comes in, as we'll be giving you a breakdown of the best Varatha Spear build in Hades, including its Aspect, Boons, Upgrades, and much more. 

Update on 9 August 2023: We've updated this article to reflect the latest, best Varatha Spear build in Hades.

Best Varatha Spear Aspect: Aspect of Zagrues

The Aspect chosen for the Varatha Spear is the Aspect for Zagreus, the first Aspect you'll get for the weapon. This Aspect focuses on boosting the attack strength of the Special attack, meaning you can successfully cleave through enemies faster with the special and negate the drawback of the spear's limited enemy targeting. 

Best Varatha Spear Build Aspect Boons Upgrades Zagreus Aspect
We've chosen the Aspect for Zagreus for its Special attack buff. (Picture: Supergiant Games)

Because of this drawback, the Boons and Upgrades for this Aspect will also counter the spear's limited reach and only be able to attack one enemy at a time. So let's take a look at those below. 

Best Hades Varatha Spear: Boons

The Boons for this spear will focus on keeping enemies at a distance and slowing them down, letting you pick them off easily with your spear. First is the Tempest Flourish, which inflicts damage, but also knocks enemies back to give you room to attack.

Next would ideally be the Drunken Flourish or Frost Flourish, which slows enemies down and gives you time to recover when doing specials or taking damage. Lastly, you can also add Artemis' Deadly Flourish or Pressure Points to give you a higher Crit hit chance. 

Best Hades Varatha Spear: Daedalus Upgrades

When it comes to Daedalus upgrades, we're going with ones that increase our overall damage output. So first, we have Massive Spin, which helps our Spin Attack deal more damage and affect a larger area when we're in a tight spot. 

Best Varatha Spear Build Aspect Boons Upgrades Spin attack damage and bouncing enemies back
Our upgrades focus on increasing our spin attack damage and pushing enemies away, giving us space to attack. (Picture: Supergiant Games)

Then we have a choice of Chain Skewer and Breaching Skewer, which bounces enemies back, and the latter deals 400% damage to armor. This is ideal for cleaving through hordes of enemies and keeping you safe as you do so. 

Best Hades Varatha Spear Alternate Aspect: Aspect of Guan Yu

This Aspect is powerful, no doubt about it, but it does require some sacrifice from the player. Its main ability is to give our spin attack extra damage as well as launch projectiles when it does. However, the drawback is that it cuts Zagreus's total health when done. 

To combat this, we've chosen a few Boons and Daedalus Hammer upgrades that will help negate the health loss and be more than worth the cost of the Aspect's drawbacks. 

Best Varatha Spear Build Aspect Boons Upgrades Alternate Aspect Guan Yu
The Aspect of Guan Yu gives us a massive boost in strength but at a cost. (Picture: Supergiant Games)


  • Life Affirmation - Increases Zagreus' Total Health
  • Premium Vintage - Increases Zagreus' Total Health
  • Strong Drink - Increases Zagreus' Total Health
  • Nourished Soul - Increases Zagreus' Total Health
  • Bronze Skin - Increases Zagreus' Defenses.

Daedalus Upgrade: 

  • Breaching Skewer - Special deals +400% damage to Armor.
  • Massive Spin - Increases both damage and area of the Spin Attack.
  • Extending Jab - Increases the Attack's range, and allows it to deal more damage to enemies farther away.