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When Will Blox Fruits Update 20 Release? - Everything We Know

Are you wondering when the new Blox Fruits update will come out? You're not alone! Here's everything we know about Update 20 so far.
When Will Blox Fruits Update 20 Release? - Everything We Know

Are you searching for the Blox Fruits Update 20 release date? You're not alone! This super popular One Piece-inspired Roblox anime game has stolen the hearts of players worldwide. And why shouldn't it? From the massive selection of fruits and Haki to the non-stop action and PVP combat, it's no wonder players want more!

That said, many Roblox players want to know when Blox Fruits Update 20 will come out. And we're happy to say we might have an answer for you. In fact, we'll do one better and provide a breakdown of all the new exciting features you can expect in the new Blox Fruits update! So what are you waiting for? Let's jump right in!

Updated on 11 August 2023: We checked for new updates and news about Roblox Blox Fruits Update 20. There's still nothing new. Most of the YouTubers are sharing the same content that's already been circulated over the last few weeks.

What Is The Blox Fruits Update 20 Release Date & Time?

blox fruit update release date time

Unfortunately, there's no official release date for Blox Fruits Update 20. Many Roblox players were deceived into believing that the new update would be released in July. This was due to a special redemption code, "JULYUPDATE_RESET," being released. However, this promo code was for the Innovator Title from voting, not Blox Fruits Update 20.

So, does that mean that Update 20 is canceled? No. It just means you were wrong to believe that the new patch would be released so soon. But that's okay. It's all part of the fun, isn't it? So when is Blox Fruits Update 20 coming out then? Well - we don't know. In the section below, you'll find a few cryptic codes from Wenloco, one of the developers, which, when decrypted, will reveal the actual Blox Fruits Update 20 release date.

But now, we're pretty stumped by these new cryptic clues. In short, the codes are far too "big brain" for us. For what it's worth, it seems many people on Twitter think that the update could release around October 2023. We're not too sure about this interpretation, though. But we'll leave it to you to try to make sense of some of these codes, though. Good luck.

Code 1: 10110110

The first code came as an image with the number "10110110" and the caption "1st." Assuming this is a binary code, this would translate to the decimal number 182. While many initially thought that this meant that Blox Fruits Update 20 would release on the 182nd day of the year (July 1st), the developer later tweeted that this puzzle was wrong.

Code 2: 1011

The next code is "1011" and includes an ALT text with emotes of a mirror, ABC, and a hashtag. The binary number 1011 translates to the decimal number 11 in base 10. This could mean the letter K (the 11th letter in the alphabet), considering the ABC emoji.

The mirror emoji could suggest the reflection or reversal of something. If we reflect the number 11 (or K), we get the same number (or letter) because they're symmetrical. However, it could also suggest flipping the binary number, which would give us 1101, which is 13 in decimal, or the letter M in the alphabet.

Code 3: 1000011 🇹🇭

The third code is "1000011," with a Thailand flag. The binary number 1000011 translates to 67 in base ten and to the letter C in ASCII. The hint from the Blox Fruits developer says that this binary doesn't translate to letters like the others. So the Thailand flag is probably key here.

Thailand's country calling code is +66. If we subtract this from the decimal number 67, we get 1. This could potentially mean January or the first month of the year. Another consideration is the Thailand calendar, which is approximately 543 years ahead of the Gregorian calendar. This seems less likely to apply here, though.

What Are The New Features In Blox Fruits Update 20?

all new features in blox fruit update

If you're wondering about all the new features coming to Blox Fruits in Update 20, here's a summary of everything we expect to see. Note that this list is based on leaks, so please take the information with a pinch of salt.

  • Weekly Updates: The team behind Blox Fruits intends to provide weekly updates to the game. This will introduce new fruits and features regularly.
  • New Fruits: The update will bring several fresh fruits to the game. For instance, the Kitsune and Celestial fruits are confirmed for addition, and there is potential for the Leviathan and Mammoth fruits to be added. In addition, many other "outdated" Fruit abilities will receive visual reworks.
  • Improved Maps: The layout of the maps will largely remain the same, but they will be significantly improved to look crisper and nicer. However, the old maps (First Sea and Second Sea) are technically being removed and replaced with better-looking versions.
  • Maintaining Old Features: Existing features that players enjoy will not be removed. The team will focus on adding to the game and improving it bit by bit.
  • Sneak Peeks: The team will continue to provide sneak peeks of new fruits and islands. You can watch the video below, which shows some of the other changes coming to the game!

And that's everything we know about Blox Fruits Update 20 right now. We're sure the developers will share even more information in the coming days and weeks. In that case, we'll do our best to keep you updated with all the new developments.