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Warframe Baro Ki’teer Tracker (11 August 2023): Arrival Time, Location, and Items This Week

Warframe's Baro Ki'Teer arrives every two weeks; find out where and when to find him and what he'll be selling during his visit below.
Warframe Baro Ki’teer Tracker (11 August 2023): Arrival Time, Location, and Items This Week
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Every so often, Warframe players get the opportunity to pay a visit to the mysterious Void Trader, Baro Ki’Teer. This merchant only comes and goes so often, but with Baro Ki’Teer’s emergence brings various exclusive and luxurious items players can purchase. Baro Ki’Teer’s next appearance draws closer, with the trader appearing next week.

In saying so, it’s not always easy to find the merchant. This guide details when Baro Ki’Teer will appear and where his shop will be stationed in Warframe. Not only that, though, but it’ll also point players toward the items they can purchase once he arrives. For those who haven’t already, now’s the perfect chance to farm Ducats across Void Relic runs, all in preparation to purchase Baro Ki’Teer’s wares.

void trader baro k'teer arrives every two weeks warframe
The Void Trader, Baro Ki'Teer arrives every two weeks in Warframe.

When And Where Will Baro Ki’Teer Arrive?

Don’t take this opportunity so lightly, for Baro Ki’Teer only appears every two weeks. Unlike other merchants, because the Void Trader tends to emerge from the mysteries of space fairly infrequently, he brings with him exotic and luxurious items, especially those of the Orokin Void. 

These items can be anything from blueprint parts, cosmetics, and even blueprints themselves to build Prime or Prisma weapons and more. That said, players will never truly know the wares Baro Ki’Teer carries with him the next time he appears. It’s always a mystery.

The only way to know which items Baro Ki’Teer sells is by paying him a visit when he’s appeared. Baro Ki’Teer always appears every Friday at around 10 am ET across platforms.

Players can find the Void Trader across the Concourse of various Tenno Relays.

But don’t wait too long to visit the merchant since Baro Ki’Teer will only be around for approximately 48 hours after he’s landed on the relay. Once the Void Trader’s gone, players won't see him again for the next two weeks until he returns.

purchase items baro k'teer players dismantle prime weapons components
To purchase items from Baro K'Teer, players will need to dismantle Prime components and blueprints.

What Does Baro Ki’Teer Sell?

Most of Baro Ki’Teer’s wares are never short of greatness, but they always come with a price. Although most of the items players can buy are premium, exclusive wares, they’ll need an in-game currency called Ducats to be able to purchase them.

Orokin Ducats, or simply Ducats, are acquired by dismantling Prime weapons, parts, and blueprints. Each component can be shredded down at a Void Trader kiosk located at any of the available Tenno Relays, except Maroo’s Bazaar.

But for those without any of these components, you can simply acquire them through farming Void Relic runs located across the Void sector.

After collecting enough Ducats, simply visit Baro Ki’Teer and purchase any of his wares using the in-game currency. Once the Void Trader arrives, we’ll update this guide below duly with all the wares he carries with him next week.

baro k'teer sells exotic exclusive prime components warframe
Baro Ki'Teer occasionally sells exotic and exclusive Prime components and blueprints in Warframe.

Where is Baro Ki'Teer This Week? (11 August 2023)

Baro Ki'Teer is scheduled to return to Warframe on Friday, 11 August at 2pm UTC. The Void Trader will be setting up shop at the Orcus Relay on Pluto. We won't know what stock he's selling until the reset happens. Like always, he will leave the game 48 hours later.

You can use the countdown timer below to see how long you have to wait until he next returns to Warframe.

Time Until Baro Ki'Teer's Arrives In Warframe

What Items Is Baro Ki’Teer Selling This Week?

Below is a list of the items sold by Baro Ki'Teer during his most recent visit to the game.

We'll update this table every time he visits with his most recent stock.

Baro Ki'Teer Items (14 July March to 16 July)
Items Ducats Credits
Scoria Diadem 550 300,000
Primed Reach 300 220,000
Left Prisma Daedalus Shoulder Guard 65 75,000
Right Prisma Daedalus Shoulder Guard 65 75,000
Prisma Daedalus Chest Plate 150 100,000
Left Prisma Daedalus Knee Plates 65 75,000
Right Prisma Daedalus Knee Plates 65 75,000
Mara Detron 500 200,000
Grustrag Three Beacon 200 125,000
Ki'teer Tribute Glyph 80 50,000
Ki'teer Earpiece 500 400,000
Hydroid Immortal Skin 550 100,000
Ki'teer Syandana 500 500,000
Sonicor Elixis Skin 380 175,000
Liset Cydonia Skin 400 300,000
Split Flights 300 200,000
Parazon Poster 100 125,000
Primed Cleanse Corrupted 350 140,000
Deimos Lobotriscid Prex 75 100,000
Halikar Wraith 450 350,000
Ki'teer Moa Pet Skin 500 325,000
De Nas Pistol Skin 400 300,000
Noggle Statue - The New War Veso-R 75 300,000
Telamon Dance of Death 125 100,000
Fae Path Ephemera 15 1,000
Sands of Inaros Blueprint 100 25,000
Odonata Elixis Skin 350 250,000


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