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Metal Band TesseracT Launches VR Game Ahead Of New Album Release

TesseracT have unveiled a new gaming VR experience, 'War Of Being', ahead of the release of their upcoming album.
Metal Band TesseracT Launches VR Game Ahead Of New Album Release

Metal and gaming very often go hand-in-hand, with plenty of games having been inspired by heavy, creative soundscapes and vice-versa. UK metal band, TesseracT, recently took their own steps to bridge the two arts, unveiling a brand new VR gaming experience called 'War Of Being,' built in the Unreal5 Engine. 

This sci-fi adventure brings players into the world of The Strangeland, where they'll progress through six individual environments which explore the concept of the band's upcoming album, also titled 'War Of Being.' Throughout the single-player adventure, players can expect to solve puzzles, unlock new music tracks, and meet a cast of mysterious characters. Part of the puzzle involves players locating obsidian statues which contain the five TesseracT band members.

War Of Being includes six immersive environments for players to explore. (Picture: DMTesseracT)

Daniel Tompkins, Lead Singer of TesseracT and Lead Director & Designer on ‘War Of Being’, said of the project, “Gaming has inspired so many of my musical projects and albums. It's a dream come true to be able to produce a computer game based upon my own music and it's such an exciting opportunity to help spearhead a new crossover medium for music and gaming consumption — I can't wait to see where it leads us." 

'War Of Being' launches today, in Early Access, and players can purchase the game via Steam for  £4.99 (or your region's equivalent). The immersive experience can be played in either VR or desktop mode, so even if you're missing a VR device you can still enjoy this sci-fi adventure. 

According to the game's Steam page, 'War Of Being' is aiming for a full release in 2024, where the developers plan to expand on the game's content offerings with more levels, features and narrative. As for the band's upcoming album, fans can expect that 'War Of Being' to launch September 15, 2023.

Players can keep up to date with ‘War Of Being’ by visiting the official Tesseract website, Steam page and the TesseracT / ‘War Of Being’ Discord. Players can also check out the Early Access launch trailer below: