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Where To Find & Use Worms In Palia

To catch different species, and high-quality, fish, you'll need to get worms for bait by obtaining the Worm Farm recipe from Einar in Palia.
Where To Find & Use Worms In Palia

The Fishing skill requires plenty of patience and timing to catch that perfect fish, with advice and tips for its Skill Master, Einar. Once you’ve mastered the basics of fishing, you will be asked to use some bait to catch other fish species at various fishing spots, and you’ll need to get some worms for this purpose.

So if you’re looking to get worms and more of them, there is a way to obtain as many worms as possible by acquiring the recipe for the Worm Farm. Learn everything about worms, including how to get worms, obtain the Worm Farm recipe, and how to craft it in Palia.

How To Get & Use Worms In Palia

Worms are valuable items to have, especially when trying to level up your Fishing skill, as this helps attract different fish species when visiting one of the many fishing spots found in Killima Village and Bahari Bay. You can get different types of worms to lure higher rarity fish species,  but starting with regular worms is easily accessible if you wish to continue fishing for food or keep them as trophies in your home.

palia resources guide worms how to get worms zeki general store gold
Visit Zeki's General Store to buy worms for 10 Gold each before equipping them to your fishing rod. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

The first time you’ll receive worms is through the Mailing system, as Einar will send you some enclosed with a letter if you continue to fish. Additionally, you can purchase worms from Zeki’s General Store for 10 Gold each, but there’s another way to get worms without spending 10 Gold each time or waiting for Einar to send you a few slimy critters.

This is where the Worm Farm comes into play, as you can purchase the recipe for the Worm Farm from Einar’s Fishing Guild Store when stationed at Fisherman’s Lagoon. However, you must reach Level 4 in Fishing to purchase this recipe, and you can only begin crafting it if you have the right resources in your storage boxes.

Nevertheless, once you have enough worms, you can set off to one of the main fishing spots and switch to your fishing rod. But before starting to fish, you’ll need to equip the worms to your fishing rod by selecting the worms from your bag inventory and right-click on your mouse to equip the worms, and you can start fishing!

How To Craft The Worm Farm In Palia

After leveling up the Fishing Skill, you’ll receive a letter via your mailbox from Einar stating that he has new recipes and items to acquire from the Fishing Guild Store. Additionally, you may receive some worms from Einar, which, as previously mentioned, can be purchased from Zeki’s General Store for 10 Gold each.

palia crafting guide worm farm how to craft how to get recipe fishing guild store gold sapwood plank stone brick copper bar leather
You can purchase the recipe for the Worm Farm from the Fishing Guild Store for 500 Gold after reaching Level 4 in Fishing. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Amongst the plethora of recipes and items you can purchase from Einar, one is the recipe for a Worm Farm, which can be bought for 500 Gold. Once acquired, you can begin crafting this Worm Farm at your worktable using the following resources:

Remember that you must have reached Level 4 in Fishing to purchase the recipe, which you can then craft. You can have as many Worm Farms as possible anywhere on your housing plot, inside your tent, or in your house, making it easier to generate the worms needed for fishing.

To produce worms using the Worm Farm, you can place various food items, crops, and other acceptable items, but it takes up to an hour in-game to get the worms you need. There’s also the chance that some items placed in the Worm Farm may produce fertilizer which can be extremely helpful when planting new crops and contribute to your progressing the Gardening skill.