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EA FC 24 Reveals Ultimate Team Details: All New Features Explained

EA FC 24 has revealed some important information and features on Ultimate Team. Let's see what you can look forward to.
EA FC 24 Reveals Ultimate Team Details: All New Features Explained
EA FC 24 Ultimate Team showcases the new Haaland Card. (Picture: EA)

EA recently released a deep dive video of their most popular game mode, Ultimate Team. Unsurprisingly, the community was eagerly waiting to see what the game developer and publisher has improved in their first title without FIFA’s tag backing them. We take a closer look at the features and briefly explain them.

What's New in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team?

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team update includes women's football in the game mode.
EA FC 24 Ultimate Team update includes women's football in the game mode. (Picture: EA)

EA has introduced some new features in the Ultimate Team game mode of FC 24. We see the Evolutions feature, which sounds exciting and likely needs more attention than any other change. The participation of women in Ultimate Team is also a step forward to mix things up and provide users with more options, but it has received mixed feedback from the community. Let’s see point-wise explanations of the new features.

All New Ultimate Team Features

  • Ultimate Team Evolutions: Users can enhance their club’s players using the new Ultimate Team Evolutions feature. This unlocks a new level of player development and adds depth to the game. However, not all players can evolve.
  • Inclusion of Women’s Football: This year, Ultimate Team will introduce women’s football, allowing players to assemble their dream team from an expanded pool of top-tier players. This inclusion will certainly make your Ultimate Team more unique.
  • Play Styles: According to EA, the addition of Play Styles will be a significant change in Ultimate Team. Each player’s unique Play Style will significantly impact their performance on the pitch, allowing for more strategic and personalized gameplay.
  • Chemistry and New Leagues: Chemistry remains important similar to previous iterations. The new players from different leagues, including women’s football, will have specific chemistry links.
  • Heroes and Icons: Chemistry Icons will get a revamp. Icons will now provide a +1 League link to any player in your squad, increasing the flexibility and possibilities for squad building.
  • New Packs and Animations: From the trailer we see new sets, animations, and even two-player walkouts. This adds some new visual and makes the game more interesting.
  • Redesigned Item Layout: The new item design brings players into focus on larger images and essential information. League crests for chemistry, animated backgrounds, and play styles enhance the item’s visual appeal.

Apart from the above changes, we also see some quality of life improvements from EA. Here’s a list of updates:

  • Objectives Menu: The new objectives menu provides clearer objectives, helping players focus on their goals and quickly navigate between modes. The addition of a quick switcher can help move between various aspects of the game.
  • Claiming All Rewards: A much-requested feature, the ability to claim all rewards from a group at once will make its way to FC 24, making the reward collection process quicker and efficient.
  • Player Position Changes: Changing player positions will become seamless, as players with secondary positions will automatically switch to that position. This change enhances Squad Building Challenges and makes playing various game modes easier.

Those were all the major changes to the EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team game mode. It’s difficult to predict how these changes will affect the game, but we can only hope they make it better.