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6 Silent Hill Characters We Want In Dead By Daylight

Dead by Daylight may introduce new Silent Hill killers and survivors.
6 Silent Hill Characters We Want In Dead By Daylight
(Picture: Konami)

With Silent Hill 2's remake by Bloober Team in the works, Dead by Daylight has introduced tons of new Silent Hill content. A few months ago, Cheryl Mason's Princess Heart cosmetic, plus a matching cosplay for Feng Min, joined the Fog. Maria from Silent Hill 2 will be a legendary cosmetic for Cheryl Mason in August - and there are likely even more collaborations between Konami and Behaviour around the corner, perhaps even including new Silent Hill characters.

Here are all of the Silent Hill characters we'd love to see in Dead by Daylight as killers or survivors.

Henry Townshend

henry townshend dead by daylight
Henry Townshend would make a great Dead By Daylight survivor. (Picture: Konami)

As Silent Hill 4's protagonist, Henry Townshend could join The Fog as a survivor, joining the likes of other Silent Hill protagonists such as James Sunderland and Cheryl Mason. He could either join James as a legendary skin for Cheryl Mason or even stand alone with his own perks based on his personality and interactions in Silent Hill 4.

Walter Sullivan

Water Sullivan could make an incredible killer in Dead By Daylight, given his multiple different forms in Silent Hill 4: The Room and various powers. In Silent Hill 4, he showcases an ability to practically teleport around the map thanks to his ultra-fast speed; he also uses a series of weapons efficiently. His ability could somewhat mimic that of The Mastermind, allowing him to rapidly approach survivors, with elements of The Onryo's ability as she throws survivors off-guard due to her inconsistent appearances.

Eddie Dombrowski

Eddie Dombrowski from Silent Hill 2 could easily be a survivor in DBD; alongside James and Maria, he could bring developers one step closer to adding all of the game's cast. While Eddie does use a gun and has some murderous intentions in his source, he'd likely fit better as a survivor in Dead by Daylight than as a killer. He doesn't have any special abilities, and in many ways, he's a victim of the town of Silent Hill himself just as he'd be a victim of The Entity's Fog.

Harry Mason

Dead by Daylight's Silent Hill survivor cast wouldn't be complete without Harry Mason, Silent Hill 1's protagonist. He's a writer and the father of Cheryl Mason, and he'd fit right in in the Fog next to his daughter.

Eileen Galvin

Like Henry Townshend and Walter Sullivan, Eileen Galvin is a Silent Hill 4 character that would fit perfectly in The Fog. She's a major character in Silent Hill 4, playing enough of a role that she could even stand alone as her own survivor with her own perks. Eileen uses her purse, a riding crop, and other weapons as she defends Henry and herself from the terrors of Silent Hill; perhaps her perks could play on these mechanics.

Angela Orosco

angela orosco
Angela Orosco is iconic to Silent Hill 2. (Picture: Konami)

Angela Orosco is a major character in Silent Hill 2 whose tragic story drew her to the fog town. A strong female character and arguably one of the best-written side characters in the entire Silent Hill franchise, Angela deserves a place in the DBD roster alongside others from Silent Hill 2, such as James Sunderland and Maria, who already have a place in the game.

There are tons of Silent Hill characters that could join Dead by Daylight's Fog, and these are just a few of the ones we'd love to see the most. As DBD continues to collab with Konami to introduce new Silent Hill killers, survivors, and legendary cosmetics, we'll hopefully see some of these iconic faces join the Fog soon.

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