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Dead By Daylight Shrine of Secrets This Week (9 August 2023)

Here are all of the perks in Dead by Daylight's Shrine of Secrets this week so you can decide which to purchase.
Dead By Daylight Shrine of Secrets This Week (9 August 2023)
Behaviour Interactive

In the horror game Dead by Daylight, the Shrine of Secrets is an in-game store where players can purchase perks for Iridescent Shards. When those perks are purchased, they are instantly unlocked on all killers or survivors; you won't need to spend any bloodpoints on your characters to get the perks you've purchased, saving you a ton in the long run. The Shrine refreshes each week with fresh new perks for players to choose from and purchase. Let's go over the perks in the Shrine for this week.

Dead By Daylight Shrine of Secrets This Week

The Shrine of Secrets refreshes each week with four new perks - two for survivors and two for killers - so players consistently have new perks to choose from.

This week's DBD shrine is: Botany Knowledge, Inner Focus, Gearhead and Dragon's Grip.

Below is a closer look at the perks in the Shrine of Secrets for the week beginning 9 August 2023.

Dragon's Grip (The Blight)

Performing the Damage Generator Action on a Generator activates Dragon's Grip for the next 30 seconds:

  • The first Survivor interacting with the damaged Generator will scream, revealing their location for 4 seconds, and suffer from the Exposed Status Effect for 60 seconds.

Dragon's Grip has a cool-down of 120/100/80 seconds.

Gearhead (The Deathslinger)

You have got an ear for well-oiled gears.

After a Survivor loses a Health State, Gearhead activates for 30 seconds:

  • While Gearhead is active, a Survivor succeeding a Good Skill Check while repairing reveals their Aura to you for 6/7/8 seconds.
The Shrine of Secrets resets every Wednesday (but very occasionally on a Tuesday)

Botany Knowledge (Claudette Morel)

You transform plants found around The Campfire into tinctures that slow down bleeding.

  • Increases your Healing speed by 30/40/50 %.
  • Reduces the Healing efficiency of Med-Kits by -20 %.

Inner Focus (Haddie Kaur)

You have honed your ability to see through the haze of the Ravage.

  • You can see the Scratch Marks of other Survivors.
  • Whenever another Survivor loses a Health State within 32 metres of you, the Killer's Aura is revealed to you for 3/4/5 seconds.
Dead by Daylight Perks
There are a lot of perks that could be included in the Shrine of Secrets each week

How Much Does The Shrine Of Secrets Cost?

The perks available in the Shrine cost 2,000 Iridescent Shards for Tier 1, 4,000 Iridescent Shards at Tier 2, and 6,000 Iridescent Shards at Tier 3.

Unlocking a perk at Tier 1 will unlock it for all survivors at perk tier 2, while unlocking a perk at Tier 2 will unlock perk tier 2, and so forth.

What Time Does The Shrine Of Secrets Reset?

The Shrine refreshes every week on at midnight on Wednesdays, with four new perks available to purchase for players. The next Shrine reset will take place on 16 August 2023.

You can see on the countdown timer below how long you have before the next Shrine of Secrets goes live.

Time Until Next Dead By Daylight Shrine of Secrets
dead by daylight shrine of secrets reset time
The Shrine of Secrets resets at the same time each week. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

That's all the perks in the Dead by Daylight Shrine of Secrets for this week. Be sure to come back next week to check out the new perks in the Shrine.

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