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Marvel Snap Pool 5 Cards (August 2023): List Of All Series 5 Cards

Series 5 cards are some of the rarest and most powerful cards in the entire game. Let's check them out!
Marvel Snap Pool 5 Cards (August 2023): List Of All Series 5 Cards
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Are you ready to take your Marvel Snap collection to the next level? With over 200 cards to collect, separated into different pools to balance the playing field for newer players, there's always room for growth. As you progress through the pools and increase your Collection Level, you'll unlock the ability to start obtaining even rarer cards, known as Series cards.

Series 4 cards are ten times rarer than Series 3 cards and have a drop rate of approximately 2% from Collector's Caches. These cards are all incredibly powerful, and owning even one can give you an edge in many of your games. But why stop there? Series 5 cards in Marvel Snap are even rarer, with the potential to shake up the meta in a big way. Let's check them out!

Marvel Snap
Series 5 cards are currently the rarest cards in Marvel Snap. (Picture: Nuverse)

Every Series 5 Card In Marvel Snap

There is a 0.25% chance of obtaining a Series 5 card from a Collector's Cache in Marvel Snap. Alternatively, you can purchase Series 5 cards for a whopping 6000 Collector's Tokens. To put this in perspective for newcomers, the recent Sunspot Christmas bundle costs 6000 gold in the shop (about $70) and comes with 2000 Collector's Tokens.  This means each Series 5 card in Marvel Snap is worth about $200!

If you don't have the cash, don't worry though. because the developers have stated that, in the future, certain cards will be moved from Series 5 to Series 4 and from Series 4 to Series 3. This is called the 'Series Drop' and normally occurs following the release of the game's monthly patch.

Although do keep in mind that Galactus, Thanos, and Kang are classified as “Big Bad” cards given they are major villains in the Marvel universe, and as a result, they are permanently staying in the Series 5 pool of cards. Equally, Season Pass cards are added to Series 5 after the season ends.

Following the release of the August 2023 update, there are now 17 Marvel Snap cards in Pool 5, with a few more coming soon. Here's the full list.

Marvel Snap Pool 5 Card List

  1. Galactus
  2. Thanos
  3. Kang the Conqueror
  4. Kitty Pryde
  5. Jeff The Baby Land Shark
  6. Hit Monkey
  7. Iron Lad
  8. Howard The Duck
  9. High Evolutionary
  10. The Living Tribunal
  11. Nebula
  12. Silk
  13. Ghost-Spider
  14. Jean Grey
  15. Echo
  16. Daken
  17. The Phoenix Force

Marvel Snap Pool 5 Cards Coming Soon

It is advised not to hunt for these cards unless you plan on spending a lot of money. These are, for now, the rarest cards in the entirety of Marvel Snap, and only a select number of extremely lucky players have access to them. If they fall into your account, great!

However, it is possible to stay competitive and create powerful decks without these cards, so do not worry about losing every game to whales with all Series 5 cards. And that's everything you need to know about Series 5 cards in Marvel Snap! So get out there and start snapping!

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