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Marvel Snap September 2023 Season Pass Leaks, Release Date, Upcoming Cards & More

Everything you need to know about the new upcoming season in Marvel Snap.
Marvel Snap September 2023 Season Pass Leaks, Release Date, Upcoming Cards & More
Second Dinner

Marvel Snap has taken the world by storm as not only a fun and addicting card game but a tribute to some of Marvel's most famous and beloved characters. The game has won fans over with its vibrant art style, explosive interactions, and top-quality voice acting. Each season of Marvel Snap brings with it a host of new exciting content and tons of new cards to start playtesting.

So, if you're interested in finding out what the next season of Marvel Snap has to offer, you've come to the right place. This article will cover everything you need to know about the next upcoming season of Marvel Snap, including its release date, and various leaks related to new cards, new locations, and more!

September 2023 Season Pass Overview & Countdown

  • Season Start: September 4, 2023 at 3 AM UTC.
  • Season End: October 2, 2023 at 3 AM UTC.
  • Theme: Loki For All Time
  • Season Pass Card: Phoenix Force
Time Until New Marvel Snap Season
24 days, 04:40:20

When Does The Next Marvel Snap Season Release?

The next Marvel Snap season release date is set for roughly September 4, 2023 at 3 AM UTC.

This new season will commence following the conclusion of the current August 2023 season

It will also mean that the current Premium Season Pass card, Daken, will enter Pool 5.

Next Marvel Snap Season Theme

Thanks to dataminers we have plenty of information about the next season theme coming to Marvel Snap. Although do keep in mind that this info is not confirmed as official until Second Dinner makes a proper announcement in the future.

Regardless, the next theme for Marvel Snap appears to be Loki-related, likely playing into the new season of Loki on Disney+.

As always, the new season will bring with it plenty of new cards, new locations, and a new Premium Season pass card.

Next Marvel Snap Season Price

As always, these are the costs of the Season Pass in Marvel Snap:

  • Premium Season Pass Cost: $9.99 USD
    • Unlock Premium to earn exclusive content
  • Premium+ Season Pass Cost: $14.99 USD
    • Unlock Premium content and advances Season Pass by 10 level

Buying the Premium Season pass will grant players a new Season Pass card in the form of Loki. More details on his cost and power can be found further down.

Marvel Snap September 2023 Season New Locations

At the time of writing we do not know anything about new locations coming to Marvel Snap in September 2023. Chances are we will have new locations, but they've just not leaked yet.

New Marvel Snap Cards In September 2023

Below is a list of new cards coming to Marvel Snap in September 2023:

Card Cost Power Description
Loki 3 5 On Reveal: Replace your hand with cards from your opponent’s starting deck. Give them -1 cost.
Alioth 6 5 On Reveal: Destroy ALL enemy cards played here this turn. (including unrevealed cards)
Ravonna Renslayer 3 3 Ongoing: Your cards with 1 or less Power cost 1 less. (minimum 1)
Mobius M Mobius 2 3 Ongoing: Your Costs can’t be increased. Your opponent’s Costs can’t be reduced.

New Marvel Snap Cards Gallery

If you want to see what some of these new cards look like, take a look at the gallery just below.

And that's everything you need to know about the next season of Marvel Snap!

Marvel Snap September 2023 Season Pass Leaks, Release Date, Upcoming Cards & More FAQ

How often are Marvel Snap seasons?

Every month, Marvel Snap introduces a new rotating season that comes with a Season Pass. This pass allows you to earn various cosmetics, currencies, and upgrade materials.

How long does the Marvel Snap season last?

The Marvel Snap season typically lasts for a month, and within this duration, new features are introduced to the handheld game every week. Players have exactly one month to achieve the Infinite rank before the next season begins and the ranks are reset.

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