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Marvel Snap Roadmap (August 2023): Future Development Updates

Here's everything you can expect to see in Marvel Snap in 2023!
Marvel Snap Roadmap (August 2023): Future Development Updates
Second Dinner

Marvel Snap has taken the TCG world by storm thanks to not only its fun and addictive gameplay but its overall polish regarding artwork and animation as well. Fans are absolutely in love with the game, and it is clear to see why this title was voted mobile game of the year at The Game Awards. Needless to say, Marvel Snap is not going anywhere anytime soon. The team at Second Dinner Studios is hard at work thinking of new and creative ways to improve the Marvel Snap experience. Whether it be streamlining progression even further or introducing co-op versus friends, you can expect big things from Marvel Snap in 2023. 

Thankfully, we don't have to speculate what exactly will be coming to the game, as a Marvel Snap 2023 Roadmap has been officially released by the studio. The brief explains all the content the team hopes to bring to Marvel Snap in the upcoming year. Let's take a look!

Marvel Snap 2023 Development Roadmap

The Marvel Snap 2023 Roadmap is broken down into three subcategories of development. The first stage of development includes features that should be coming soon to the game. The second details mechanics that are currently in development. The final section lists several ideas that are in concept and are likely still in the planning stage. Keep reading and we'll details more info about all three sections.

Marvel Snap August 2023 Development Roadmap
This is the latest development roadmap for Marvel Snap

Coming Soon

Here is the list of features planned for immediate implementation in Marvel Snap:

  • PC Launch
  • Twitch Drops
  • Seasonal Audio
  • Card Upgrade Improvements
  • Conquest Polish
  • Infinity Rank Revamp
  • Global Matchmaking - Phase 1

If you want to know more about these features, we've put all the info in the below drop-down.

Coming Soon Features, Explained

Seasonal Audio

We love our in-game menu music, but we’ve been hoping for some more variety in our lives. Coming with our next season, we’ll be changing our in-game menu music to match the vibe of each new season - get ready for MARVEL SNAP with a new flair.


Card Upgrade Improvements

You’ve heard it before, “Upgrade cards to get more cards”... and with all that upgrading, we thought it was time to improve this experience a bit! We’re releasing two new features in our next patch to support this: Multi-Upgrade & Upgrade with Gold.

  • Multi-Upgrade: You’ve been waiting for the perfect variant for Shang-Chi, forever. You have all the boosters and credits. You finally get it… and now, with Multi-Upgrade, select the Quality you’d like to target and tap the upgrade button once to directly skip to that Quality level! Save your thumbs and save some time!
  • Upgrade with Gold: We have all been there. You’ve got an Ultra Quality card and 48 Boosters - so close to that Infinity Split, but those last couple Boosters won’t drop. Upgrade with Gold lets you finish out a card upgrade even if you don’t have all the required Boosters or Credits by splitting the gap with the Gold value.


Conquest Polish

It’s been great to see the excitement about Conquest since release and we’ve appreciated the feedback on a few updates we could make to improve the mode! In an upcoming patch, we’ll be doing a polish pass to clean up some rough edges. You can expect some of the following changes:

  • Improved Loss Flow (we know you don’t need to see it twice!)
  • Speeding up / Tap-to-Skip Animations
  • Updated Mute Behavior (now, stay quiet!)
  • UI/UX Improvements

In Development

Here is everything currently being developed by Second Dinner Studios:

  • Prestige Level
  • Spotlight Cache Improvements
  • Collectible Emotes & Card Emojis
  • Personalized Shop
  • Smart Decks
  • New Infinity Splits & Split System Improvements
  • Ultimate Variant Evolution

If you want to know more about these features, we've put all the info in the below drop-down.

In Development Features, Explained

Prestige Level

Ever wish that pixel variant, avatar, or title you received turned into an awesome reward? Yeah us too. Prestige Level introduces a new reward track when you acquire any new cosmetics (variants, avatars, card backs, emotes, etc). Juice up your Prestige enough and unlock brand new infinity splits and more! We will keep building on Prestige Level into the future with Albums that drip bonus Prestige and exclusive thematic cosmetics!


Spotlight Cache Improvements

We’re continuing to monitor player feedback and data for Spotlight Cache economy tuning. We recently started with a change to the Random S4/S5 Duplicate Fallback reward from Premium Mystery Variant to 1000 Tokens and more tuning changes are being considered. In the next patch, we’ll be increasing rewards in S3-Complete Collectors Reserves, instead of 50 Tokens:

  • 50% chance at Gold Conquest Ticket
  • 50% chance at 100 Tokens


In addition to economy tuning, we also have some Spotlight Cache system UI/UX improvements planned for future patches:

  • Improved Spotlight Cache Icon
  • Improved Random S4/S5 Icon
  • Improved Opening Flow & Reward Experience
  • Spotlight Variants Preview
  • Spotlight Cache “Hold to Open”

Ultimate Variant Evolution

We are ready to make Ultimate variants even more worthy of their name. Evolve existing and new Ultimate variants to unlock their full cosmetic potential! As these variants evolve they will start to share their thoughts on your match with new VO and comic style chat bubbles. Once pushed further, new thematic VFX and SFX matching the variant art will light the board up in style. Knullified Thor with red lightning…yes please!

In Concept

Finally, here are all the ideas currently being bounced around the Second Dinner Studios meeting room:

  • Guilds / Clans
  • Mythic Variants
  • PC Controller Support
  • New Game Mode
  • Season Journey Improvements

If you want to know more about these features, we've put all the info in the below drop-down.

In Concept Features, Explained

Guilds / Clans

We’re currently exploring what social systems could look like in MARVEL SNAP! For those of you (like us!) who have been playing Collectible Card Games socially for years, what did you enjoy about those social experiences? We’re looking for your feedback on what you’d love to see from Guilds / Clans / Social systems – what things would you like or dislike? Let us know!

Mythic Variants

What’s more badass than Ultimate Variants… MYTHIC VARIANTS! Custom voice lines? Wild over-the-top VFX? Maybe they jump out of the screen and punch your opponent in real life…  okay, not that. But they’re gonna be awesome.

New Game Mode

We have so many ideas for future game modes! We're interested in building game modes that bring an overall balance to the game between accessibility and deep strategy. Right now, we’re thinking through what is the MOST FUN and working backwards from there. We’re excited to build more awesome ways to play MARVEL SNAP and share more details in the future!

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